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EST. 1980

                                                                                    The NIPDS is an

                                            Associate College of The College of Piping, Glasgow

                                                           Funded by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland

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NIPDS on board Cisne Branco at Tall Ships 2015


NIPDS wish to pass on sincere thanks to the Captain and crew of "Cisne Branco" for their tour and hospitality. Special thanks to Willer Ferreria for bringing us on board for the tour. The free samba lesson with the crew in the mess was unforgettable and Willer also gave us a copy of his excellent drum kit tutor.


NIPDS were involved through Belfast City Council to provide a basic piping and drumming workshops for the Tall Ships crew over three days held at Belfast Metropolitan College in the Titanic Quarter. 


This was an incredible and unique experience for everyone involved. Many thanks to the great team at Belfast City Council as their organisation and arrangement were flawless. We also pass on heartfelt thanks to all the staff in Belfast Metropolitan for their enthusiasm, helpfulness as they were great ambassadors for Tall Ships visitors. 


NIPDS Director Mark Armstrong and Grahame Harris at the Tall Ships July 2015

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NIPDS Director Mark Armstrong and Grahame Harris with crew from the Tall Ships

NIPDS Director Mark Armstrong has the crew hard at work.

NIPDS Grahame Harris and Director Mark Armstrong with 2 crew members of one of the Tall Ships

Cisne Branco Brazil


Length: 88.40m | Rig: Ship


The Brazilian Navy commissioned a new Tall Ship, a three masted clipper, on February 4th, 2000. The ship is appropriately named "Cisne Branco", White Swan. Her construction was inspired by the design of the last "Clippers" of the 19th century and under the guidance of the Brazilian Navy was built in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


"Cisne Branco" is used for training. Although the modern navy is technologically advanced, the essence of seafaring continues to be a fundamental navy requirement. It is of the utmost importance that future naval officers and crew members not only know about the latest technological advancements but also know the essentials of seafaring that they will carry with them throughout their naval careers.


The main purpose of the “Cisne Branco” is to develop and promote Brazilian naval traditions. Therefore it will take part in the most important nautical events, representing the Brazilian Navy, in Brazil and abroad.