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NIPDS now associate college

The Northern Ireland Piping and Drumming School has just announced that it is now officially an Associate College with The College of Piping in Glasgow. This is a significant development in education in the culture of pipe music and its associated activities in the Province with full back-up and support from a renowned and well established piping institution with global connections.


Robert Wallace, the Principal of the Glasgow College of Piping, is delighted with the agreed partnership and is looking forward to developing close links and shared ventures with the Northern Ireland School.


At its recent Annual General Meeting, the NIPDS elected the following on to the School Board of Management:

President: Ronnie Crawford (ex – Mayor of Lisburn City Council)

Vice-Presidents: Andrew Wright (Honorary President, The Piobaireachd Society)

                           Andrew Carlisle (Professor of Music & Director of Piping, Carnegie    

                                                        Mellon University, Pittsburgh)

Eddie Montgomery (Chairman), Mervyn Hempton (Vice-Chairman), Chris McNicholl (Finance Officer), Sam Bailie (Education Adviser), Ivor Spence (Project Officer), Frank Carlisle, Sam Lawson, Bill McKendry.


A process is now underway to appoint a new Director to replace the recently retired Director, Sam Bailie, who was also Director of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning at the University of Ulster but who has now been appointed to the School Board of Management as Education Adviser. The two Vice Presidents have a close connection with the NIPDS, Andrew Wright has been Visiting Lecture in Piobaireachd .with the school for 20 years, whilst Andrew Carlisle is a graduate and former tutor with the school before he left to take up his present position at the University in Pittsburgh.


The School is funded mainly by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland and a full programme of piping, drumming, bass & tenor drumming, drum-major skills and highland dancing is planned starting in September. Exciting developments include cross-community and cross-border projects as well as master classes in piobaireachd, small pipes and percussion skills, including kit drumming, hand drumming and bodhran. Drummers from flute, accordion and other bands, who wish to improve their basic skills and knowledge of music, are particularly welcome to enrol.


A prospectus and detailed syllabus will be available over the summer.


The school will continue to offer the graded certificate curriculum and will provide opportunities for suitably qualified students who wish to gain qualifications in GCE, GCSE, PDQB, CCEA Performance Skills and the Duke of Edinburgh Award at all levels.


                                                                                    The NIPDS is an

                                            Associate College of The College of Piping, Glasgow

                                                           Funded by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland

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