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EST. 1980

Gavin Bailie was a uniquely talented musician who leaves NIPDS with a legacy of composition, innovation and inspiration for both drummers and pipers through our graded teaching materials.


From an early age Gavin demonstrated his incredible musical talent achieving his RSPBA advanced certificate in his teens. He was a natural performer playing his own compositions with a incredible enthusiasm and a sense of fun.


Gavin played under Bobby Rea at the highest level with RUC Pipe Band and provided the band with some of their most innovative melodies with drumming scores to match as an added bonus.


Gavin developed a very talented and successful drum corps with Monkstown Pipe Band. He proved to be a natural leader who coached his young players to an incredible level of competitive and fearless performance.


The Gavin Bailie Concert Drum Corp featured some of the most successful snare drummers in the province many of whom continue to play at the highest level.


Gavin's pipe band compositions which were rhythmically inventive blended with contemporary melodic lines and themes. They have been performed by many of the leading pipe bands including the unforgettable "Random Star 10" (1991) written in 14/8 time signature featured on FMM "Debut" CD.


Gavin's complex backing arrangements for his snare compositions were so far ahead of their time that they sound as fresh today and are still performed. He brought  snare and tenor drumming out of the shadows to centre stage to demonstrate the skills and technical qualities that pipe band drummers utilise in their performance.


His Buschemich Variations (1996) written based on asymmetric time was performed and featured in "The International"played as a drum salute by the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band on their Home Ground CD (2005).


Gavin faced many challenges in his life and his health deteriorated over the years culminating in his tragic death at 49.


The Northern Ireland Piping and Drumming School wish to pass on our sincere sympathies to Professor Sam Bailie and the extended family circle at this difficult time.

Gavin Bailie


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