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EST. 1980

Colin Brown



It is with deep sorrow and regret we announce the passing of Colin Brown, a long serving instructor and never tiring worker within the Northern Ireland Piping and Drumming School. Colin Brown contributed his time and expertise to the school, loyally and tirelessly, for over 25 years of the school’s existence since 1980.


For most of that time he served in the capacity of School Administrator as well as finding time to act as the Lisburn Centre Co-ordinator as well as contributing his practical drumming skills and knowledge of the Theory of Music.


He was always willing to lend a hand at anything that was required of him if it was of benefit to the school. His easy-going and gentle manner made him an ever approachable friend and counsellor, trustworthy and reliable. He also undertook private tuition, always entering his pupils for school examinations with great success.


It was not his practice to speak evil of anyone, always seeing the good side of everyone and attempting to mediate where he might be of some practical help.


It was regrettable that, four years ago, he decided to hand over the work that he had shouldered for so many years to younger elements who were more physically robust to carry out his remarkable workload and much appreciated contribution with the school. It has taken time and effort to replace him and his passing, though it will leave a degree of emptiness, will also leave some remarkable, significant and happy memories to fill that inevitable void.


Our thoughts are with his wife and family who supported him in all that he did, as well as all those who knew him and his remarkable desire to be helpful to everyone and critical of no-one

Colin teaching EKN contest 31st May 2008

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