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Another Fantastic Masterclass with Donald McPhee

The second Northern Ireland Piping and Drumming School (NIPDS) Master Class with Donald McPhee, took place in Belfast City East on Saturday 9th May, to a smaller than expected but very appreciative audience. Those taking part were treated to interactive sessions with Donald on the art and science of reed making, sound production and finished with one on one tutorials for solo piping. 


Donald openly shared his extensive knowledge of the highland bagpipes with many practical tips and advice on solo playing to deliver a high quality and consistent performance. His good humour and laid back approach was very motivating for everyone involved. 


NIPDS wish to sincerely thank Donald McPhee for both of the Master Classes and we hope to offer a further programme next term. We also thank everyone who took part yesterday and hope they enjoyed the event and will support our future events. Finally NIPDS wish to thank Frank Carlisle for single handily putting together the Piping Master Class programme which was a tremendous achievement.

Donald McPhee Masterclass 9th May 2015 no 2 Donald McPhee Masterclass 9th May 2015 no 1